baiadera blue resin ballpoint pen
baiadera blue resin ballpoint pen

baiadera blue resin ballpoint pen

€ 170,00
Model: Ballpoint
Colour: Baiadera Blue
Baiadera Blue striped resin ballpoint pen with rubber clip. Made-in-Italy.
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Born at the time of ragtime music and frugal functionalism, the Perfecta pen is sure to rock cult aesthetic tastes even after a century of ruthless androgynous elegance – plain utilitarian before and perfectly cool today.

The restyle of this extraordinary writing instrument scores with a colorblock palette of shiny retro-hues resins and just a few powerful, “look at me!” design traits.

Stirring wild one’s tactile and visual perception, the Perfecta pen makeover is an inspiring vintage fusion of trendy futuristic vibes and a token of hip city attitude to copycat.

Choose among the three standard types of pen: fountain, rollerball or ballpoint, and be the next blade runner in town!
Product Info


Fountain pen Rollerball pen Ballpoint pen
Materials: Resin Resin Resin
Trim: Palladium and rubber Palladium and rubber Palladium and rubber
Nib: 0.6 mm stainless steel / ebonite feeder
Filling system: Converter / cartridges Medium size refill 0.7 mm Refill model P900M
Length: 136 mm 136 mm 136 mm
Diameter: 12 mm 12 mm 12 mm
Weight: 26 gr 30 gr 30 gr
Pen Guide

Fountain pen
The fountain pen plays the most prestigious part in each pen collection. It is a precious collectable item and the preferred choice of everyone enthusiastic about stylish handwriting, be it calligraphy art, pen drawing or merely paper signing. The correct use and maintenance of this writing instrument requires some commitment, consistency, and a certain amount of expertise. Nevertheless, the right choice of the nib grade makes the fountain pen equally suitable for both experienced calligraphers and beginners alike.

Tibaldi fountain pens are crafted with a stainless-steel nib fitted to an ebonite feeder. This special feature ensures continuous flow of ink and a very smooth writing experience. Each fountain pen is fitted to an ink converter, incorporated inside the pen body, and equipped with two disposable courtesy cartridges.

Rollerball pen
The rollerball pen is a byproduct of the ballpoint mechanism with a quality pitch. Making use of refills running on water-based ink liquid, the performance of this writing instrument is significantly higher than that of the ballpoint pen. Handwriting with a rollerball pen is ultra-fluid with minimum hand pressure, while the design remains the same as that of the fountain pen. Rollerball pens are the best choice for hectic-lifestyle professionals looking for prestigious, high quality writing tools with less maintenance required.

All Tibaldi rollerball pens are equipped with one disposable black-ink refill inside.

Ballpoint pen
The ballpoint pen is a writing instrument that works with disposable refills of dense oil-based ink. The stronger the pressure exerted by the hand when writing, the greater the trace on paper. This pen is the most compact and the least expensive item in the collection series. Still very elegant as a writing accessory, the ballpoint pen is perfect for daily personal use and gifts.

Tibaldi ballpoint pens are twist-action writing instruments. Equipped with one disposable black-ink refill inside, the pen tip is pulled out or retracted through a simple twist.

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